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How to Protect your Garden and Home from Heavy Rains

A little drizzle or an overnight seasonal downpour is not a cause for concern. Every plant in your garden will be able to withstand mild to moderate rainfall. The threat emanates from heavy downpours. When it rains relentlessly or your area receives torrential rain accounting for the expected rainfall of a month in just a […]

How to Prepare your Garden for Snow and Ice

Freezing temperatures pose a serious challenge to your garden. The plants, the lawn, pond, landscaping and the furniture or any fixtures you have out in the open will need to be protected to avert severe damage. Any kind of weather extreme calls for proactive measures and winter is no different. Let us explore what you […]

How to Plan your Concrete Path, Patio or Driveway

Concrete is the ideal material for any construction that is supposed to last a very long time while enduring substantial heavy duty use. Made of particles of stone or what is known as aggregate, cement and sharp sand mixed with water, concrete is hard, durable and it also has a nice finish. Unless you go […]